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Time around the table

Jesus in the Bible often showed up around food and so it is no surprise that eating together is an important part of our church. Whether it is coffee time after the service, a potluck or a BBQ we like to eat together.

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Heartfelt Worship

Every Sunday at 11:0am we meet to worship. It's nothing fancy, but it is heartfelt and it looks different every Sunday. Sometimes we sing hymns, sometimes we sing contemporary songs, sometimes we pray a lot and sometimes we spend more time in the scriptures.

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Bible Study

We love to study God's Word and put it into practice. Join us Sundays at 10:00am for Bible Study or join one of our other Bible Studies we run periodically.

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Helping in times of need

From food for families going through a tough time, to a community food bank garden, to helping clean up trees after a storm, helping in times of need is a core value of the church and Wiesenthal community.

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We are a praying church. Our prayer chain is an important support network and most Monday nights a group of us gathers for a time of prayer and reading the Psalms. If you have a prayer request we also have a time of prayer on Sunday mornings in our Worship Service.

About us: Who We Are
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