Hi, I hope you feel welcome here. If you are new to our church or website I want to let you know that currently things are a little bit different. While our church is meeting in person and in small gatherings we are not running a lot of our social events like we have in the past as a precaution to covid-19. That being said we hope that we can find a place for you to connect and fit in.

We are both having our service in person as well as streaming it live here.

If you do decide to join us in person at 11:00 on Sunday here are a few things to keep in mind about our gathering: 

  •  If you are sick or not feeling well please choose the online option for the service.

  • If you come on Sunday please be respectful of the level of precautions other people are taking. To help mediate this we are discouraging handshaking and asking everyone to stay socially distant except with families and cohorts.

  • We will have a worship team singing, but at this point we will discourage singing along.

  • At this point children will be asked to stay with their families while at church, we do plan on having children's church eventually, but are still working through the details of what that looks like. 

  • If after a service we find that someone at the service did have covid-19 we will contact everyone who was at that service to let them know of their potential exposure. To help us remember who was here on a previous Sunday we will take a picture of the congregation on each Sunday. The picture will only be for church use and will not be shared with the government or anyone else.


Wiesenthal Baptist Church

Founded on scripture, inspired by God's love for us through Jesus Christ and practiced through community, Wiesenthal has been meeting in the Leduc/Millet neighbourhood for over 110 years. We're no mega-church, but we are authentic and that's what makes this place work.


At Wiesenthal Baptist Church, we strive to embody and express the love of God in our world.

Wiesenthal Baptist Church Vision Statement


Experience Worship

We love to study God's Word and put it into practice. Join us Sundays at 11:00am for a time of worship, in singing, praying, giving and sharing Christ's peace with each other.


Experience Community

We are not a big church, but we are church that loves one another and spends time together.

- Join us after Sunday worship services for coffee, homemade baking and good conversations. 

- We also like to put on fun events that are often revolve around food. Check out our upcoming events page for the most recent upcoming events

- We have small groups that meet throughout the week to go deeper with each other and God.


Contact Us

Physical Address - 48175 Range Rd 253, Leduc County
Mailing Address - RR 2, Millet, AB T0C 1Z0, Canada

Office Phone - (780) 387-4734

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Office Phone - (780) 387-4734

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